Rabbi Fagen’s Message

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Rabbi Fagan's Message

Rabbi Fagen’s Message

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Dear Friends,

For the last 18 years, I’ve had the honour of serving the Shaar Shalom family as one of the rabbis for the High Holidays.  My family and I have appreciated your warmth, and made many friends in the community. We empathize with you all as the Shaar Shalom era ends; we know how much your synagogue has meant to so many, and our thoughts are with you.

I’ll always be grateful for the once-a-year opportunity to join you for yomtov, to pray, speak, teach, and enjoy your company.  As summer approaches, I pray that by the High Holy days you will be starting to settle into new spiritual homes, and that you will, each of you, be blessed with a good and sweet new year.  

Best wishes to all of you for a shanah tovah

Rabbi Richard Fagan


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