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Wine and Cheese Event

Adath Israel Invites Our Members

to a Wine & Cheese Evening

Adath wine and cheese 2017

When: Thursday, July 6th, 2017 at 7:30 PM
RSVP by: July 4th, 2017
Purpose: For Shaar Shalom members to learn more about Adath Israel


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First Year Anniversary Kehillat Chaverim




On June 30, we will have our Kabbalat Shabbat services commencing at 7 pm, followed by Kiddush and refreshments.

On July 1 (Canada day), we officially mark the first anniversary of the launch of our twice-daily services. Join us in a festive gathering for morning services at 9 am, to be followed by an enhanced Kiddush.

On July 2, we will be hosting a celebratory gathering, starting with services at 8 am, to be followed by a buffet breakfast, greetings from dignitaries and a Dvar Torah delivered by Rabbi Lipson of Beth Emeth.

Please join us to help share this milestone with family and friends. We look forward to seeing you.


The organizing committee
of the Minyan at German Mills

Service times
    Shacharit   Mincha/Maariv  
  Friday 7:00 AM   7:00 PM *
  Saturday 9:00 AM 1 8:30 PM  
  Sunday 8:00 AM 1 7:00 PM  
  Monday 7:00 AM   7:00 PM  
  Tuesday 7:00 AM   7:00 PM  
  Wednesday 7:00 AM   7:00 PM  
  Thursday 7:00 AM   7:00 PM  
  Friday 7:00 AM   7:00 PM **
*  candle lighting time 8:45 PM
** candle lighting time 8:45 PM
1 Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

Friday evening services…

Getting a minyan on Friday evenings can be challenging. We are persistent but, delays in starting services while we wait to get a minyan create anxiety for daveners who are saying Kaddish and delay the time that services end and all daveners can join their families for Shabbat. Please be mindful of our “pay it forward” policy and consider how you would feel in the circumstances

We appreciate if you can be there with us, on time, on Friday evenings. 

Yahrzeiten in the coming week: 

Saturday – Moe Segal (Moshe ben David) z”l, father of Steve Segal
Sunday – Sheila Odes (Shulamit bat Rachmiel) z”l, mother of Rhona Arenson, Gail Bendix and Neil Odes
Tuesday – Leo Berkson (Arieh Leib ben Fishel) z”l, step-father of Mel Rosenfeld

Thank you… to Barbara and Steve Held for sponsoring Kiddush on Shabbat in honour of their wedding anniversary,  in gratitude for Steve’s renewed strength and health and for all the support that they, as a family, have received over the past few months. 

Thank you…to Shulamit and Wilf Levin for sponsoring Kiddush on Shabbat in honour of their wedding anniversary.

Thank you… to Steve Segal for sponsoring Seudah Shlishit as he commemorates Yahrzeit for his father, Moe Segal z”l.

Thank you… to Rhona Arenson, Gail Bendix and Neil Odes for sponsoring Seudah Shlishit as they commemorate Yahrzeit for their mother, Sheila Odes z”l.

We are a community of friends who  care deeply about preserving a twice daily minyan in the German Mills area at German Mills Community Centre (80 German Mills Road). We currently operate as a unit of Shaarei Zion while we await approval of the charitable status of Kehillat Chaverim by the Canada Revenue Agency. Our website is under construction and you will be informed of any changes.

Publicity…we appreciate publicity to increase awareness of our activities, but we request that you notify the executive in advance at shalom@kehillat-chaverim.org

Contribute to our upkeep — We thank members who have already submitted their fourth quarter membership contribution through Shaarei Zion covering April, May and June. If you have not yet submitted your membership contribution, we urge you to do so. Our quarterly membership contribution is unchanged at $270 per household ($135 per single). Our goal is to operate prudently and fairly. We are all dependent on each other.

We continue to hold regular services twice daily, and have not missed a single service since our inception. Please join us and be a part of our minyan. Your participation — regular or occasional — will be much appreciated and you will be doing a great mitzvah.

Talmud study continues on Wednesday mornings following services. We are now on daf 12a of Bava Kamma. Join us for stimulating discussion and study over coffee.

Do we have the Yahrzeit information for your loved ones? If you have not already done so, we invite you to provide us with the relevant information: the Hebrew calendar date, your name and your Hebrew name (including the patronymic), your relationship to the person whose yahrzeit it is, and the name and Hebrew name (including the patronymic) of that person. We will keep a record  and remind you not only about your upcoming yahrzeiten but also about the days, in advance, when you can have El Maleh recited at services to honour loved ones. (If you are a member of Shaar Shalom and would like this information transferred to Kehillat Chaverim, please email office@shaarshalom.ca and the office will be pleased to transfer your file.)


Please let us know if there is someone that you want to honour or remember by sponsoring a breakfast, kiddush or seudah shlishit. The best way to notify us that you want a sponsorship is to contact us by email at sponsor@kehillat-chaverim.org. Let us know why, when and what you want to sponsor. This email address is being monitored and we will get back to you to confirm.

Shabbat Shalom to our Community of Friends — Kehillat Chaverim.
Commemorating Our Anniversary…
Next weekend will mark the first anniversary for your Minyan in German Mills…

Starting with the Kabbalat Shabbat service on Friday, June 30 and
Continuing with services through Shabbat and on Sunday, July 2
Enhanced voices leading our services and, of course, enhanced Kiddushim
Sunday morning…breakfast, greetings from dignitaries, and a Dvar Torah by Rabbi Leslie Lipson from Beth Emeth

Watch for Scenes, Milestones and Highlights of the past year to follow

Be with us to celebrate over the June 30 – July 2 weekend


We ask participants in the minyan to park on the west side of the street so as not to hinder passage of large vehicles, e.g. ambulances, fire engines, snow clearing equipment.
Please be aware of an existing by-law which prohibits parking near a T-intersection. Some of our members were ticketed.

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Beth Emeth Membership Brochure

Full Membership Brochure

From Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda

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Kehillat Shaarei Torah Invitation

Open Letter from Kehillat Shaarei Torah

kehillat shaarei torah logo

Dear Members of the Shaar Shalom Community:

As some of you may still be looking for a warm, welcoming, traditional community to spend this year’s High Holidays, and perhaps eventually even join; we would like to invite you to come try out Kehillat Shaarei Torah, an intimate, friendly synagogue at Bayview Ave. and the 401.  Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, birthplaces, and religious outlooks, and we value community, friendship, meaningful prayer and learning opportunities, and camaraderie. 

You are most welcome to come visit us any shabbat or weekday morning; and we have designated three upcoming days as special “welcome to our friends from Shaar Shalom” days.  Please join us for shabbat services and kiddush on June 17 and/or August 5; we would be so happy to meet you.

In addition, we have a very popular end-of-the-summer barbecue on Labour Day Weekend, Monday September 4.  This is our best-attended annual event after High Holiday services, so it’s a good chance to meet most of our members!  We only ask that you RSVP if you would like to come to the BBQ, so we make sure we have enough burgers and franks on hand. 

Please be in touch with our Executive Director, Alan Domb, at office@shaareitorah.com or 416-229-2600×3 or our Rabbi, Joe Kanofsky at rjk@shaareitorah.com or 416-229-2600×2 with any questions about our synagogue that you may have.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you soon!


the Board of Directors,
Kehillah Shaarei Torah


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Canada Day with Neshamah

A Special Canada Day Invitation from Neshamah

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Why the crowds keep growing at The Song Shul

See the Great Thing Happening at the Song Shul

Song Shul


  • Cantor Simon Spiro and the fabulous Toronto Festival Singers
    (You’ve never heard anything like it) 
  • Music Mini-yan
    (For little ones)
  • Davening in-the-round
    (So easy to sing with us)
  • The Shabbat Starbucks Coffee Lounge
    (For not-so-little ones)
  • A compelling and to-the-point Staccato Sermonette
    (If you don’t hit oil after 8 minutes, stop boring) 
  • Best kiddush in town
    (with gourmet cheesecake for Shavuot) 
  • The whimsical Torah Bubble Parade
    (You saw it here first!) 
  • The happy feeling in the air!
    (THIS is how a shul should feel!)

See for yourself and The Song Shul will become YOUR shul!



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Pop Shabbat

June 17th, 9:00 AM – 11:45 AM
@ The Song Shul

Why is it called POP Shabbat?

1. We’re celebrating Father’s Day, so bring your POP or father-figure!

2. We’re featuring the melodies of of POPstars Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande and more—there’s never been a Shabbat service like this!

3. The kiddush will have POPcorn, POPsicles, sodaPOP…ok, you get the idea (remember, it’s always the best kiddush in town!)

Plus…special musical send-off to all the kids and teens heading to summer camp!
Kids and teens, join us at 10:45—casual dress welcome!

9:00 – 11:45 AM
At our regular spot
Bialik Hebrew Day School
2760 Bathurst

…and of course we’ll have all the gorgeous music you love at The Song Shul!
The Song Shul is proud to welcome our Pop Shabbat guest speaker

Keynote Speaker – Mark Masters

The Sports Network’s dedicated hockey reporter throughout the NHL season. During the summer he covers tennis from Paris at the French Open, London at Wimbledon and New York at the U.S. Open.

Now hear what he has to say at The Song Shul!

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End of Year Concert

Uptown Sound’s End of Year Concert

Song Shul

Thursday June 22nd, 2017 (location TBA)

They’ve been rehearsing all year—Hebrew, Yiddish, Jazz, Broadway, Pop, Oldies, 3-part harmony, 4-part harmony. Now come hear the amazing End-of-Year concert of Uptown Sound, The Song Shul’s choir for people who love to sing! Location and more details to come, but mark your calendar to join this fun-loving group of singers as they perform with the fantastic professional Way Uptown Band! Crowd-pleasing songs and a night of real entertainment!

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Latest News: Song Shul

Why the crowds keep growing at The Song Shul:

• Cantor Simon Spiro and the fabulous Toronto Festival Singers
(You’ve never heard anything like it) • Davening in-the-round
(So easy to sing with us) 

• A compelling and to-the-point Staccato Sermonette
(If you don’t hit oil after 8 minutes, stop boring) 

• The whimsical Torah Bubble Parade
(You saw it here first!) 

• Music Mini-yan
(For little ones)

• The Shabbat Starbucks Coffee Lounge
(For not-so-little ones)

• Best kiddush in town

• The happy feeling in the air!
(THIS is how a shul should feel!)

See for yourself and The Song Shul will become YOUR shul!


Save the Date—Thursday June 22

 Uptown Sound
End-Of-Year Concert

Details coming soon…