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City Shul Receives Torah from Shaar Shalom

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Rabbi Elyse Goldstein of City Shul is Honoured to Receive Shaar Shalom Torah

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Rabbi Elyse Goldstein _Barry BarnesRabbi Elyse Goldstein recently forwarded their newsletter to us to show just how thrilled their shul is to receive a Torah from our congregation. This ensures that the legacy of Shaar Shalom will go on in the City Shul as elsewhere. Select the link to read Rabbi Goldstein’s newsletter.

Additionally, the City Shul plans to dedicate the Torah, Chanukat HaTorah, on November 19th, 2016 and is inviting those from Shaar Shalom who would like to experience this dedication to their Shabbat service. Mark your calendars.

Saturday morning, Nov. 19, 2016 at 10:00
Wolfond Centre, 36 Harbord St.

Building Sold

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Update After Building Sold

Below please find a link to a letter from Barry Barnes, President, as to the progress made as a result of the sale of the building. The letter addresses the work that has been accomplished to date and what still lies ahead of us.

Letter Re Sale of Building

Shiva Leaders

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Shiva Leaders Continue to Support Shaar Shalom Members

recite_kaddishShaar Shalom continues to support our members through the shiva process. When a loved one passes, there is a lot to take care of and a lot of deep sorrow and confusion. Our shul has historically supported those wanting to hold services at the shiva homes by providing a knowledgeable leader for the service and we continue to do that. Should you need someone to lead services at a shiva house, please call the office and let us know.

We will continue to send out Obituary Notices to the Shaar Shalom members if you notify the office as well. That way the community will be aware and in a position of support.

Mitzvah Knitters

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Mitzvah Knitters Will Continue

On Monday, June 20th, Mitzvah Knitters held the final end of year party at Shaar Shalom with the traditional pizza party. There was a lovely turnout of dedicated women, members and non-members, to celebrate the work they have done over the past ten years and to honour the two chairs, Janice Shachter and Arna Cappe who have tirelessly devoted themselves to the group. They drove great distances to get yarn at great prices and hauled loads of yarn to and from their cars to ensure the army of women were always well-stocked with different kinds of knitting materials.

Over the past 10 years the women of Mitzvah Knitters have created knitted and crocheted items to the tune of close to 20,000 pieces. There were lap blankets that went to hospitals to warm the sick and the aged and there were hats and mitts to warm children and adults who may have been in women’s or youth shelters. The work was truly a gift of love, piece by piece. Each item was tagged with Mitzvah Knitters and the knitter’s name. It was a touching gift that was surely appreciated by many.

Now that Shaar Shalom Synagogue is closing and Janice and Arna decided to relinquish the lead on this project and turn over the baton to Renee Birnbaum. She has made arrangements with the National Council of Jewish Women to house the project and keep the good work going. So don’t disappear. You can email Renee directly.

Rabbi Fagan's Message

Rabbi Fagen’s Message

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Dear Friends,

For the last 18 years, I’ve had the honour of serving the Shaar Shalom family as one of the rabbis for the High Holidays.  My family and I have appreciated your warmth, and made many friends in the community. We empathize with you all as the Shaar Shalom era ends; we know how much your synagogue has meant to so many, and our thoughts are with you.

I’ll always be grateful for the once-a-year opportunity to join you for yomtov, to pray, speak, teach, and enjoy your company.  As summer approaches, I pray that by the High Holy days you will be starting to settle into new spiritual homes, and that you will, each of you, be blessed with a good and sweet new year.  

Best wishes to all of you for a shanah tovah

Rabbi Richard Fagan