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Special Thanks from DJC

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The Danforth Jewish Centre Sends Message of Gratitude

The allocation of Shaar Shalom’s possessions was a painful process but knowing that transferring our loved ritual items to shuls who need them and will allow them to practice Judaism in other neighbourhoods made the transition meaningful and fulfilling.

Danforth Jewish Centre Thanks Shaar Shalom

Josh, Greenhut of the Danforth Jewish Centre recently wrote to Mel Fishman to express his gratitude.


On behalf of the DJC Board and our whole community, I want to say how humbled we were by the generosity of Shaar Shalom. As I expressed to Seymour Hersh, we’ve been saddened to see Shaar Shalom close its doors, and are honoured to carry on its tradition of prayer, study, and good deeds in our own way. I know you and your wife were instrumental in getting so many of the objects and supplies to us, and we are deeply grateful. 

What’s the best way to express our gratitude? Is there anything else I can do to ensure your community and those who made the decision about where to distribute Shaar Shalom’s effects to feel the love, and show impact they have had on our own community? We really feel so blessed.  


Josh Greenhut
Chair, DJC Board

Josh Greenhut

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City Shul Receives Torah from Shaar Shalom

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Rabbi Elyse Goldstein of City Shul is Honoured to Receive Shaar Shalom Torah

City Shul Header

Rabbi Elyse Goldstein _Barry BarnesRabbi Elyse Goldstein recently forwarded their newsletter to us to show just how thrilled their shul is to receive a Torah from our congregation. This ensures that the legacy of Shaar Shalom will go on in the City Shul as elsewhere. Select the link to read Rabbi Goldstein’s newsletter.

Additionally, the City Shul plans to dedicate the Torah, Chanukat HaTorah, on November 19th, 2016 and is inviting those from Shaar Shalom who would like to experience this dedication to their Shabbat service. Mark your calendars.

Saturday morning, Nov. 19, 2016 at 10:00
Wolfond Centre, 36 Harbord St.